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bobacha Success Story

Bubble tea was a drink that was strange to the Kurdish community. bobacha was the first place to bring such drinks to Kurdistan, specifically Sulaimani. Planning the introduction of a unique product in order to make a strong, positive first impression is important to profitability and the success of the business. bobacha trusted and chose BALLU Digital for this purpose. And, BALLU Digital used several online and offline strategies which will be discussed throughout this article.

BALLU Digital has provided social media services for bobacha since its opening campaign, ten days before the grand opening. Before the grand opening, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ was utilized as the first step to bring organic search traffic to bobacha’s social media. Additionally, SEO raises brand awareness, generates leads economically, and mobile-optimizes your social media.

‘Undercover or stealth marketing’ was used ten days before the grand opening to assist bobacha to market their product in a mysterious way. Strangers were asked “What’s bubble tea?” And, since bubble tea was new to people; they would think and search for the answer without realizing that the play is a marketing strategy.

From there, each and every content that bobacha has offered were marketed with creativity. Audiences were updated with the latest offers, new contents, important dates etc. With modernity and creativity, BALLU Digital have designed its social media contents and captured good moments showing the mood and atmosphere.

Not to forget, each content was boosted with social media ads with detailed targeting. This made bobacha to reach every desired audiences inside the city of Sulaymaniyah, eventually, gain costumers. The statistic below shows the ‘reach’ graph with some details mentioned by Meta Business Suite.

Now, bobacha is a well-known brand with two branches that almost everyone is aware of in the city of Sulaymani. It reached thousands of people inside Sulaymaniyah, . To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skills. If you are establishing a business, have you thought about what business plans and strategies to use?

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